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Océan en Voie D’illumination (Paris)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

A magical and entertaining exhibition, but this exhibition has above all a purpose.. to send a message about biodiversity’ (Michel Saint Jalme, Director, Paris Zoological Park’)

Key Facts:

Launched 2019 at Jardin Des Plantes (Paris, France)

A collection of 852 hand-crafted light sculptures created in partnership with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (France) and China Light (Belgium)

A global conservation message by a global team, Océan en Voie D’illumination is a 2.5km immersive art experience designed by Public Art Australia. Premiered in Paris, France, in partnership with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle and China Light (Belgium) this significant ocean awareness exhibition features 852 hand-crafted light sculptures.

Placing critical importance on design innovation, Océan en Voie D’illumination represents where art meets new technology. Public Art Australia developed a bespoke international team of specialists to design each piece within the Océan en Voie D’illumination collection, comprising of industrial designers, theatrical set and lighting designers, electrical and mechatronics engineers and a composer. United in a passion for conservation, this is a unique, border-transcending design team from Australia, Mongolia, China, Germany, England, France and Peru. A design process built on a solid base of vital science research successfully achieved a narrative ‘light walk journey’ through each ecological/habitat zone of the ocean.

Production Credits:

Artistic Direction: Lucy Keeler

Sound Design: Miles Nicholas 

Lighting Design: Charles Coy & Blake Garner

Design: Julian Reinhold, Tumen-Erdene Altangadas, Zara Pasfield, Renzo Larriviere

Acknowledgement: The Paris edition of Océan en Voie D’illumination features the Great White Shark and Olive Ridley Turtle, designed in collaboration with Nicholas Tory for Global Endangered Wildlife.


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