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Vivid Sydney


Lucy Keeler | Ample Projects | National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) | S1T2 | Destination NSW

Concept Design


Installed in Sydney’s Martin Place as part of Vivid Sydney 2016, Fountain demonstrated in real time the global human birth rate as a flowing stream of humans evolving and fading in stop motion animation.

It is estimated that human beings are currently reproducing at a rate of 255 births globally per minute, or 4.3 births every second. Vivid Sydney’s Fountain released a water human, in real time, every time a person entered the world. Fountain’s lighting control system was linked to an online live-updating population tally board. 

Water droplets in human form emerged from the Fountain’s water jets shooting skywards, floating to the ground, landing on their feet, walking away and then fading into the distance.

As the global human population reaches it’s predicted 2016 total of 7.4 billion, Fountain was a thought-provoking celebration of the human lifecycle, presenting the current rapid growth of the global population as a real time visual and spatial representation. Combining stop motion animation techniques with 3D printed physical objects, Fountain is a visually stunning integration of animation, technology and sculpture.

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