Snugglepot & Cuddlepie

Customs House, Vivid Sydney 2018

Collaborating Partners:

Destination New South Wales | Lucy Keeler (Public Art Australia) & Nick Tory (Ample Projects) | Northcott | The Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Video: Behind the scenes
Characterisation, Colour & Movement
Scene Layouts and Design
Sound Design

Production Credits:


Direction: Lucy Keeler and Nicholas Tory 


Sound Design: Miles Nicholas 


Animation: Julian Reinhold, Oliver Abbott, Bonnie Forsyth, Tumen-Erdene Altangadas, Iva Coburn, Jelena Sinik, Nicolette Axiak, Alex Dray, Lester Chan, Erika Ju, Yori Narpati, Karen Etherington, Atticus Gough, Amy Bell, Bel Holborow, Will Thompson, Isabella Meagher, Sandra Ye, Genevieve Stewart, Kylie Kwok, Jeremy Cox and Erin Sutherland.


Voiceover: Noni Hazlehurst, Frank Cotton, Samantha Campbell, Orson Keeler and Alice Keeler.


A very special thank you to Deborah Szapiro and University of Technology Sydney - Bachelor of Design in Animation