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The Nautilus and the Sea

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood


Willoughby City Council  |  Lucy Keeler | Ample Projects | Destination New South Wales


Exhibition Curation, Design & Event Strategy:

The Chatswood CBD was transformed for the very first time into a flowing light and sound experience for Vivid 2015. 

This immersive light experience was designed to transform the new Vivid precinct in a very original way. The intent was a singular artistic treatment across an urban environment, in which visitors experience and interact with parts of a story that combine to offer a thought-provoking and cohesive narrative, with an environmental message. The precinct design expanded the universe of the centerpiece projection show, utilizing the 3D character designs as light sculptures, original ambient soundscapes, and immersive lighting design techniques


The Nautilus and the Sea (by Ample Projects) tells the story of Norbert the nautilus and his brave journey to find a new home. Trapped in a bleak world of discarded human refuse, Norbert lives in a homemade shell created out of lost objects. The surrounding environment is a stark, black and white underwater world fastidiously patrolled by Lieutenant Angler. Our hero breaks free, to embark on a perilous journey to discover a vast ocean, and a reef teeming with life.



Projection Mapping & Light Installations

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