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Centenary Education Program

(Taronga Zoo - Centenary Light Walk and Parade)


Taronga Conservation Society | Ample Projects | Lucy Keeler (Public Art Australia) | ANZ

Lantern Design and Kit Construction

As part of a unit of study integrated into the NSW DET primary school stage 3 curriculum, paper lantern kits and instructions were custom made and managed for the production of 1700 hand-made lanterns, made by over 3400 NSW school children. The lanterns provided a meaningful response and consolidation of learning surrounding ten key endangered species and the conservation of their habitat regions. The display created a strong connection for the children and their families with Taronga and its conservation messaging and commitment.


The school lanterns were mounted onto festooning and hung in three locations on the light walk. They were also carried by hand through Sydney's CBD as a part of Taronga's Centenary Parade.


Minister for the Environment Mark Speakman said NSW school students would play an important role in bringing Vivid Sydney to life at Taronga Zoo. “As part of the centenary celebrations, NSW primary school students participating in Taronga’s education program are invited to construct their own mini-lanterns of the 10 critical species which will feature at Vivid Sydney,” Mr Speakman said. “The program aims to engage students with the valuable conservation work of Taronga while inspiring creativity and getting students involved in Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo, with their lanterns to be displayed at the festival.”

Lantern Making
Installation - Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo
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